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The bibliographic abstract and index database FSTA®, formerly Food Science and Technology Abstracts, publishes approximately 50,000 records per year covering all aspects of food science, technology and food-related human nutrition. Information sources include journals, patents, standards, books, conference proceedings, reports and guidelines.

In this article, the first of a two-part series, the FSTA scientific editors have chosen to highlight some of the research articles that they have come across during 2011 and which they consider to be particularly interesting. Some are cutting edge, some could be classified as current hot topics and some are just plain quirky!

Article contents:
  •     Beverages
  •     Prepared foods
  •     Confectionery
  •     Cereals and bakery products
  •     Meat, poultry and game
  •     Dairy
  •     Pet foods
  •     Fruit, vegetables and nuts
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